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Social Media Week in Review

Zuckerberg in his go-to hoodie. (Photo courtesy of

As the world counts down to the Facebook IPO, what’s hot in social media this week besides Mark Zuckerburg’s hoodie?

A Little Help from My Friends – That’s right – search is getting even more social. Microsoft Bing announced this week that Bing will help you search with the help of your Facebook friends.  According to InformationWeek, this move competes with Google’s Search Plus Your World search integration.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Pins – When should you pin, and when to wait?  If you’re pinning during business hours, you’ve got it all wrong. Statistics from, everyone’s favorite metrics tool, proves the best time to pin is Saturday morning. What are you doing tomorrow morning? Well, I guess I’m going to pin on behalf of my clients after my morning workout! (You should follow them.)

Tweet Tweet – Twitter users’ reactions to hot news this week has been bigger news than Twitter’s own news. You might not have heard about a faster mobile version or a new “discover” button, but you probably saw the outrage over the controversial TIME magazine cover, Obama’s support of gay marriage or the season finale of NBC’s “The Voice.” (And if you’re wondering, according to, the best time to tweet is between 1 and 3 p.m. Eastern on Monday.)