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Social Media Week in Review

With new changes in social media every day, the future is here. (Photo courtesy of

If you remember my last social media roundup, I like to take a momentary step back and provide a bit of context around why new social media news is so cool. In the digital world, things move at the speed of light. There’s an incessant re-evolution, re-design, re-branding, re-pivoting, re-[insert clever action word] every day. Amazing new innovations are sometimes glossed over as part of the steady drumbeat of these constant updates. Sometimes it takes that moment of reflection to come to the realization that: “Wow! We live in the future.”

So below are a few of those stories from the past week that prove that we already live in the future. If you know any other stories or want to share your own thoughts on the stories I listed below, tweet us @FinnPartners.

TV “Likes” Social Media

A new survey came out this week showing one out of every three people have interacted with social media after seeing a social media symbol on their TV screen. It means that people are actually interested when they see a Facebook icon, Twitter hashtag or QR code appear during one of their shows. Read more:

Why it’s from the future: This has been gestating for a while for sure; television programs have been trying a number of methods to further engage with fans outside of the show. But it’s amazing to see how many people are already receptive to this. We have finally begun to see the valued approach to integrating social media in your watching experience.

Social Media Integral to the Political Process

We saw in the 2008 presidential elections an explosion of use and experimentation with various social media channels, so it makes sense social media will be just as important in 2012. But its integration this year dwarfs that of four years ago. Both political parties have developed strong partnerships with Google to broadcast conventions and are now looking at other partnerships with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Read more:

Why it’s from the future: Social media is no longer just another channel to disseminate political messages; it is actually becoming ingrained in the political process. This is a lot bigger than a candidate having a Twitter account. This is more along the lines of an entire political party being measured on how many partnerships they can make with social media providers. Also Google is involved in the social media strategy planning on both sides of the aisle.

Advertising Coming for Tumblr

Every social media channel has its own advertising platform. And starting on May 2, Tumblr will too. But these ads, under the platform titled “Radar,” appear to be something different. They’re evocative and rely on creative ingenuity. These new ads are meant to follow along with the current ad unit on Tumblr dashboards. Read more:

Why it’s from the future: If Radar lives up to the promise, these ads will be very different from what we’ve seen before. In fact, they’ll be ads that won’t even seem like ads. This is advertising 3.0, or maybe 4.0.

Facebook: the New Wall Street

Starting in June, thanks to the San Francisco-based company Loyal3, Facebook users will be able to buy and sell stock of their favorite companies directly on Facebook. That’s right. All you need to do is go to the Facebook page of one of your companies. No fees, no brokers and in as little as $10 increments. It takes three clicks on Facebook to start investing. Read more:

Why it’s from the future: There’s something almost sci-fi about buying stocks on Facebook. And I, for one, am excited to see how this thing plays out when it launches in June.