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Hi, I’m Brian Perry, a senior associate in our Washington, D.C. office, and it seems that more and more often I find myself saying, “We live in the future.”

This was a big week, a busy week and a groundbreaking week in some respects. Besides Facebook rolling out a few big announcements, there were a good number of other interesting gems that surfaced. Because sometimes it can be hard to realize exactly how revolutionary some social media announcements are, I’ve put in a bit of context to these announcements to show you that yes, we do live in the future.

Google’s Privacy Change

Google’s new privacy policy went into effect yesterday. People may be alarmed about the conglomeration of all their online information (around seventy privacy policies condensed into one), but hold on a second. This is a landmark assimilation of all of that personal data websites have been collecting on you and your search behaviors. The keywords you type into Google search can be used to better recommend YouTube videos to you. When you’re typing a name into a Google document, it can now suggest spelling based on the people you’ve interacted with on Gmail. The locations you type into Google maps will be remembered in search across Google products in case you need to pull it up later. Read more:

Why it’s from the Future: Yes, this is the Google of the future. It is taking every one of its products and making them all talk with one another to better tailor everything to you and your online behaviors. We got the Internet to talk with the internet.

Facebook Brand Timeline

Now all of those millions of brands on Facebook have to suck it up like the rest of us did and embrace the Facebook timeline. Despite the announcement being made a few days ago, some brands have already transitioned to the new Facebook timeline. Mashable has their new timeline design up and so does Coca-Cola, both beautiful representations of what the new layout can do for a brand. Besides the updated look and feel, there are a lot of other new features here. No left navigation tabs, historical company information, expanded width of tab pages, no default landing page, highlighted posts, options to “pin” posts to top of timeline and private message features, to name a few. It’s a lot of new stuff to take in, but brands have from now until March 30 to jump on board. After that they’ll be shoved on board, forced to use the timeline layout either way. So love it or hate it, the future of Facebook brand pages is here! Read more:

Why it’s from the Future: The timeline itself is not a futuristic idea at all. But wait a second, this is being heralded as the biggest change in online brand communications in the past few years. Rewind two years and just a little over half of the Fortune 100 companies (54%) had a Facebook page.

Planning Your Future Check-ins

Want to know what others will be doing in the future? There’s an app for that. It’s called Forecast and it’s like Foursquare, except for the future. Here’s how it works: You make “forecasts” of what you’re going to be doing and when, then this is broadcasted to all of your friends. It’s like an informal invite, or a rolling social calendar. Your friends can see what you’re doing and click a “me too” button to indicate they’ll be joining you for this future check-in. Read more here:

Why it’s from the Future: You can’t get more futuristic than using an app that allows you to tell people in the present what you’ll be doing in the future.

Facebook Ads Revamp

More ads in more places. That’s the one-liner on Facebook’s recently announced premium ad shakeup. Besides ads appearing on the right within Facebook, ads from pages you like will appear in the news feed, on mobile devices and on the log-out screen of Facebook (side note: who actually logs out of Facebook nowadays?). It’s Facebook’s way of giving advertisers more options. And now things like status updates, photos and videos posted by brand pages can easily be pushed out as advertisements. Read more:

Why it’s from the Future: Status updates are going to start counting as ads. It’s a new ad-age, where social fights with the sales pitches of yesteryear.

KLM’s In-flight Social Network

KLM has started testing an in-flight social media program, known as “Meet & Seat,” in three of their international routes. The program allows fliers to upload their Facebook or LinkedIn identities and select details from their profiles to share with KLM. This is then shown while members are selecting their seats so they can choose a seatmate that most closely fits with them. Parents can sit next to other parents forming a ring of parents and crying babies, business members can look for potential networking leads, or someone could find a new best friend. And the nice catch is you can only see other travelers’ information if you reveal your own. So stalkers, prepare to be stalked yourself. If KLM sees success in this program, they will start to expand it along all of their routes.

Why it’s from the Future: Airplane seats are getting profile pictures. Traveling has never felt so digital.

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