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On The Ground at SXSW 2012

Great performance by Capital Cities at the Malverde showcase at SXSW 2012.
Photo By Rony's Photobooth.

I’m Vanessa Barbieri, a senior associate based in the Los Angeles office. Earlier this month, my colleague Andrea McDonald, a managing associate in San Francisco, and I were lucky enough to join our client, Logitech, at SXSW in Austin during Music Week.

The author with Logitech UE blogger Ashley Esqueda (left) at the W Austin/Nylon party.
Photo By Rony's Photobooth.

We were there to represent Logitech Ultimate Ears, which creates universal-fit and the highest quality Custom In-Ear Monitors for music enthusiasts and 75 percent of the world’s professional musicians.  Music has been a huge part of my life since I was born – my father is a rhythm and blues singer, bassist and guitarist, and I’ve lived for music since I can remember.   Needless to say, my work with Logitech UE is something very close to my heart and a big passion of mine.

Since Logitech UE is all about people who live for music, there was no way we could pass up having a presence at SXSW this year.  We partnered with Nylon for an all day concert at the W Austin featuring more than 20 of the top artists at SXSW, from Of Monsters & Men (ton of buzz around them), Kimbra and Bleached (watch a video with highlights from the day). The party was the highest quality event I saw at SXSW, and a ton of bands and artists who weren’t performing stopped by to get in on the fun, including Fun. themselves, Dev and even Andy Rourke from The Smiths (pinch me!).

Logitech UE Demo Station at the Artists/VIP Lounge at the W.
Photo By Rony's Photobooth.

Logitech Ultimate Ears Artist, Lights, at the W party.
Photo By Rony's Photobooth.

This event, along with another, more intimate showcase at the Malverde on Saturday gave Logitech UE the chance to demo our universal and custom-fit earphones to upcoming and established artists, and the people that love them. Between these showcases and our street teams handing out branded Logitech UE SXSW pins for an earphone giveaway contest, we spoke about our brand directly with more than 5,000 people and reached millions online.

Words can’t describe how awesome the week was, so I thought I’d share the highlights in photos below. You can also visit the Logitech Ultimate Ears YouTube channel to take in performances from all the bands, and we’ll have interviews with each of the artists with Logitech UE blogger Ashley Esqueda posting over the coming weeks.


Social Media Week in Review

Hacker group Anonymous threatened to shut down the Internet March 31.(Photo courtesy of

Privacy concerns dominated social media news this past week… Anonymous threatened to shut down the Internet, some employers began asking for personal social media passwords, and more! But there was also a lot of other interesting social media news that popped up this week.

Read on for the full social media scope from the last seven days.


Anonymous Probably Won’t Shut Down the Internet this Week

The hacker group, Anonymous, made claims in February that they would bring down the Internet March 31 using a highly-focused Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on what it said are the Internet’s 13 root Domain Name System (DNS) servers. The group is now denying claims that this was an actual plan and claim the Internet will not be shut down.

Facebook Speaks Out Against Employers Asking for Passwords

Facebook has seen a “distressing increase” in reports of job candidates being asked for their passwords over the past few months. Since this practice violates not only the user’s privacy, but also that of their Facebook friends, Facebook warns employers not to do this unless they want to get sued.

Facebook is Redefining Check-in Numbers for Pages

If your Facebook check-ins suddenly drop in numbers over the next few weeks, don’t panic. Facebook is changing the way it counts check-ins, photo posts, and multiple visits in a short period to a location.


Racist Tweets Result in 56 Days in Jail

The saying, “think before you speak,” might have saved British student, Liam Stacey from landing himself in jail. Stacey, 21, tweeted racist comments on St. Patrick’s Day after U.K. soccer star Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the field during a live televised match.

Behind the Scenes of the World’s First Live-Tweeted Open-Heart Surgery

Doctors at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital made medical and social media history last month by live-tweeting an open-heart surgery for the first time ever.


Are you YouTube’s Next Celebrity Vlogger?

YouTube is looking for the next celebrity vlogger. You are eligible if you have a fledgling fan base, but are dedicated to your channel. Basically, the type of people who just need that extra push to reach the next level of YouTube celebrity. 16 winners will be chosen and will be paired with mentors to help improve their channel.

Beyond Likes: How Google and Adobe Aim to Measure Your True Social ROI

It’s the age-old social media question; what does a million Facebook fans or an impressive amount of retweets mean for your brand? Does it mean you spent your money effectively? Does it translate into sales? Google and Adobe want to make this easier for companies to measure.

General Social Media News

10 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

The new marketing catchphrase these days is, “humanize the brand,” mostly due to Facebook Timeline for brand pages. Humanizing a brand simply means trying to interact with each customer on a personal level. But for a company to implement that style, there needs to be a shift in how it responds to customers, particularly via social media. Click here for 10 ways to get started.


Social Media Week in Review

Between March Madness, the continued race for the Republican nomination, and a host of NFL announcements, the world of social media still managed to make a few headlines this week. Here’s a look at what you missed while you were too busy following Tebow, Manning, et al.

Get Ready for Your Close-up!  

Facebook is all about the photos these days. This week the social media giant announced high-resolution photos (four times larger than before) and the ability to view them full-screen. In short, it’s increasingly important that client photos used online be high-quality. With all brand pages transitioning to the timeline format shortly, be ready for lots of talk and trends around cover photos as well. This week on Mashable they took a look at cover photo trends of local TV stations.

Happy Birthday, Twitter!  

Twitter turned six on Wednesday and also claimed 140 million users. That marks it as the third largest social networking site, behind Facebook (840 million users) and LinkedIn (150 million users). A study by the University of California Riverside also released this week suggests that the key to making money in the stock market may in fact be found amidst all those tweets. The researchers found a correlation between the buzz a company receives on Twitter and it’s stock price! While I continue to invest in footwear, let me know how Twitter stock predictions work out for you.)

Why Is Everything So ‘Pinteresting’?

And a social media update isn’t complete without my personal favorite way to kill time, Pinterest. Why exactly is Pinterest so addicting? Millions of online women ask that question every day, and a new infographic this week seeks to provide the answer: it’s easy, it’s a refreshing change from Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget the simplicity of design. Check it out on Mashable for more fun data points. Go ahead, pin it! I did. Still not convinced you should be thinking about Pinterest for your clients? Social Media Today wrote a great post about building trust on social media between brands and female consumers via Pinterest. Check it out!

Are You Reaching Audiences via Mobile? 

Mobile-centric products from Facebook are on their way, including “Sponsored Stories” and more. We all know by now that mobile is increasingly important and we’re integrating it with our client work. But, what we didn’t know before this week was that the number of mobile Facebook users doubles that of desktop users (If you take public transit to work every day, you, like me, aren’t too surprised by this 2:1 stat.). A testament to even kids spending plenty of quality time with their phones, another report released this week shows that the average teen receives 60 texts a day. Maybe kids need more homework!

What did I miss? Please share your thoughts in the comments and best of luck to all the teams in the Sweet 16, most importantly my boys, the Indiana Hoosiers!


NetZero: Taking the Lead in Mobile Innovation

Hi, I’m Christine Bock, head of the Finn Partners mobile/telecom group and longtime devotee of all things mobile. The industry has evolved over the past two decades into one of the most vibrant, sexy and profitable sectors across the globe. Mobile is now affecting almost everyone on the planet; its uses and impact for business now touches almost every vertical industry. I remember “back in the day”  when we were all excited about the new digital networks being built and our PR messaging was “all about the plumbing” – GSM, CDMA, TDMA, etc. Now, it’s all about how mobile is affecting everyone’s life – whether through their devices games, or apps – the list goes on!

This week, Finn Partners and NetZero teamed to launch what I know to be “a phenomenal game changer in the mobile industry” – the launch of NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, the fastest and most affordable and protected Internet service for laptops, iPads® and other tablets, and netbooks. Mark Goldston, CEO of United Online and NetZero, says that NetZero is bringing mobile broadband to the masses and bridging the digital divide by making mobile broadband accessible and affordable to “Joe and Jane America.”

This new service, which launched in over 80 cities nationwide, lets consumers create their own personal Internet connections without being tied to unsecure public hotspots at places like coffee shops, airports and hotels. And unlike public Wi-Fi networks, where credit card numbers and other personal information may be exposed to hackers and data thieves, the NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband service delivers a protected, private Internet connection anytime, anywhere within its coverage area. NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband data plans start at just $9.95 per month. Customers are not required to sign a contract, and can upgrade their data plan at any time. Each plan delivers 4G service with download speeds of up to 10Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5Mbps.

Our team had just a few months to prepare for the launch, and in that time, the entire program was built from the ground up. A cross-office team worked practically day and night, developing everything from messaging and materials to a media reviews program, satellite media tour, and even social media platforms and programs where there were none before – even securing an opening bell-ringing event at NASDAQ on launch day. It all came to life on March 19th when we saw 75 unique media stories in the first day alone. Associated Press, USA Today, Wall Street Journal – all the major outlets covered our news and met with our CEO. We’re now seeing glowing product reviews, from a careful pre-seeding strategy with the nation’s top reviewers·

I’m proud of our team, and I’m proud to be associated with a company that is driving innovation in the mobile industry. In fact, all of our Finn Partner mobile clients are driving toward this same goal, and I’ll be sharing more stories with you about our thriving practice in the coming months.


Social Media Week in Review

Instagram for Android is coming and the reviews are in- it will be worth the wait! (Photo courtesy of

Simple and short, here are this week’s social media updates. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on our posts. Please let us know what you think! Is there something you would like to see more of? Happy reading & happy Friday!

Scammers Pinning Your Information

As new social media platforms develop, scammers are hoping to take advantage of the early adopters of Pinterest. We have all seen it on Facebook, Twitter, and shall I even dare mention MySpace; “Starbucks is giving away 10,000 free gift cards” or “claim your $50 H&M gift card today.” Those of us smart enough to realize right off the bat that these are just scams meant to get personal information from us shy away. However, there are others who do click and fill out “surveys” and wait for their non-existing gift card. And now, Pinterest users need to be aware of similar scam attempts. Rule of thumb if you want to enter a sweepstakes from well known brands: go on their official Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages and check to make sure a contest is truly happening. If at that point you would like to enter, make sure you read all of the rules and understand exactly what information you will be asked to provide.

March Social Media Madness

If you have dedicated your life to basketball during the month of March, it may make things easier to grab some apps to help you keep track of your bracket. Check out Mashable’s list of 7 “baller” apps to follow March Madness online.

Instagram for Android Coming “Soon”

Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were at SXSW last week and gave the much dreaded “really soon” answer for an ETA on the Android version of the highly popular photo app. But don’t worry fellow green robot lovers, according to early reviews of the prototype, the app is “incredibly fast, works great on a range of larger screens, and has a sharing functionality with Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.”

Will the Twitter Death Hoax EVER End?

Apparently, the answer to that question is no. Victims of the not-so-funny jokes have included teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, comedian Jim Carrey, actress Demi Moore, pop sensation Taylor Swift, and pretty much anyone you can think of (the latest being Celine Dion). While Twitter may be one of the first places we turn to for confirmation of an event, we must also keep in mind it is an unfiltered ecosystem where anyone can put out anything at anytime. Do you think, with antics such as this, it makes it harder for the public to trust Twitter as a ‘source’ for news?


The Challenges of Work-Life Balance

My name is Cindy Coppola. I am an associate partner at Finn Partners who has the pleasure of working with clients and team members from the Empire State to sunny California. I’m a new mom with a newer mommy blog and that’s where this little write-up first appeared.

Cindy and her daughter Jocelyn

Work-life balance … my favorite oxymoron. It’s a topic that moms everywhere struggle with on a daily basis. No matter if a woman reports directly to her CEO or to her toddler, many of us laugh off the notion of getting it completely right. And as I sit outside the south tunnel on a New Jersey Transit train that has been infinitely delayed heading into New York City, it has occurred to me that I’m not going to be the first to perfect it.

Here’s the thing – I have an awesome job. The career path I chose to follow as a PR professional is one that is both challenging and rewarding. At Finn Partners, I work with a wide range of consumer lifestyle clients who want to build buzz for their brands. From international and domestic wine brands to sports websites and personal technology - if someone can buy it, use it or consume it, I can do PR for it.

But it’s not just the career I chose that makes my job an awesome one. In fact, for a new mother, my profession is actually pretty overwhelming: long days and busy nights, client events and parties, the need to always be on top of the latest news, trends and technologies. I could bring on a self-inflicted anxiety attack just thinking about the ‘to do’s’ I’m juggling. No, it’s the place I work that makes my job truly fantastic.

Cindy, visiting her client’s vineyard.

I’ve been a part of the Finn Partners team now for almost seven years. I’ve worked in Los Angeles, San Francisco and now New York. Finn Partners is where I’ve grown up, and it’s also where I’ve met my most valuable mentors and friends along the way. This place is quite literally my home away from home, and has not only supported me in my career objectives, but also in my life goals.

My husband and I own a home that’s not exactly in an ideal ‘commuter city,’ and Finn Partners grants me the flexibility to work from home on certain days. It’s a privilege that comes with responsibility, but without it I’d probably go insane.


On the days I work from home, I am lucky enough to wake up with my baby, get in some good cuddle time, feed her breakfast and then venture upstairs to my home office as my own mother faithfully takes over between the hours of 9am and 6pm(ish).

Because of the flexibility of my job, I have been able to breastfeed my baby longer than I thought I would. I’ve watched her eat solid food for the first time. I’ve run downstairs when word came that she was on the move, crawling! I am often able to hear her laughter in the middle of the day when I need a pick me up. And I have the most important lunch meetings ever.

Conversely, when I travel to the city, my routine is not easy. I leave before my baby wakes up, and I get home after she’s fast asleep. It’s very expensive and takes a total of five hours in commuting time per day.

When I am home, I am not without scheduling challenges there either. I am virtually always on the clock. I work East and West Coast hours. I can’t always go to my child when she cries during the day, and I might miss a bath or a bedtime even when I’m under the same roof.

Although a lifestyle like mine might have been considered unusual just a few years ago, it’s now become a way of the world. I value the flexibility I have in my job and the trust that my bosses have in me. They know how hard I work and never question my ability to produce results – it’s my duty to keep their confidence.

The fact is, my work-life balance may never reach a place of total zen. But I am proud to be a hard worker on the job, and at home, who is supported by my firm and my family as I continue to try to get it just right anyway.



Social Media Week in Review

How does this pin relate to social media? Read our Social Media Week in Review to find out!

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for your weekly social media update! Maybe you’ve been busy following election details, the new iPad or the Rush Limbaugh scandal. For whatever reason you haven’t been staying up to speed on social media, we forgive you.

After taking a read through of the below, you’ll be well ready for your weekend dinner party chatter…


Mobile Use is Up, Way Up

On Wednesday, Facebook disclosed that its mobile audience has increased in the last year by 76 percent (That’s a lot of percent!). Facebook reports that at the end of December 2011, the company had 432 million regular mobile users. “Regular users” being those who log on more than once a month. Facebook even says that it now has 58 million regular users who log on exclusively though a tablet or phone. The company said that the growth is largely due to the introduction of its iPad app last fall and its acquisition of Snaptu.

In an unscientific survey of myself, I’d say that 70 percent of the time I’m logging onto Facebook, I do so on my smartphone as opposed to my desktop PC or laptop. I would say this is 90 percent true of my friends as well (unscientifically, of course), which is why Facebook’s recent mobile audience numbers don’t appear to be that shocking. Read more here:

Kony 2012

Have you been on Facebook in the last few days? Of course you have, which means you’re probably familiar with the Kony 2012 campaign. The 30-minute YouTube film has seemingly taken over the Internet, promoting an Invisible Children campaign to bring attention to Joseph Kony and the rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army.

The viral video, which was uploaded on March 5, has more than 40 million views, and #stopkony has been trending worldwide on Twitter.

No one knows what will make a video viral. There’s no science to it. It’s a matter of human interest and either incredibly smart or unintended strategy. In this case, the human interest and incredibly smart strategy worked hand in hand to bring a cause to the forefront of our News Feed. Let’s wait a few months to see if it remains at the forefront of our minds. Read more here:


Social TV

On Wednesday night’s live American Idol, judge Randy Jackson received heavy online buzz because of a sparkly beaded pin he was wearing. Tweets were coming in wondering what his pin was, and after noticing the chatter during the episode’s first commercial break, Jackson posted an image of it on Pinterest. Jackson’s post responded to viewers questions and gave them a chance to win it on Facebook.

This live and organic communication makes social TV exciting. Fans watching the live show get to participate in two-way communication. Kudos to Jackson for jumping on the conversation and making it an engaging opportunity for the fan base. Read more here:


What your client can learn from Lady Gaga

This week, Lady Gaga proved that you can in fact acquire 20 million Twitter followers, making her the first user to reach that level. In addition, she also has an impressive 48 million Facebook fans and more than 800,000 circles on Google+.

Yes, it can be done, but manage your expectations, people. Unless your corporate client feels comfortable rebranding itself by wearing a dress made of meat or showing up to the Grammy’s inside an egg, then they probably aren’t going to reach the same type of social media stardom.

However, lessons can be learned. As Stewart Townsend, from the Twitter marketing and analysis firm Datsift, pointed out—Gaga is active on Twitter. She’s not a manufactured robot in the Twittersphere. “She’s active, she participates, she listed, she engages,” Townsend said. “A lot of brands or agencies are just in listening mode – and don’t react.”

Sure, she may have a content calendar, but she (and her people) isn’t afraid to break free and show real personality and engagement. Hey, it worked for Lady Gaga, and she has 20 million followers. Read more here:

Twitter forecasting elections

In a world where people tweet what they’re eating, thinking and doing, it’s not far off to assume that Twitter can accurately forecast election results. In the case of Super Tuesday, however, social-analytics firm Attensity got it half right.

A company spokesperson nailed the correlation right on the head, saying, “The fact that people are talking about candidates on Twitter doesn’t necessarily correlate to those people going out and voting.” Another drawback is the lack of location-based data among Twitter users. Not all users have the “location” feature turned on in their mobile devices. More people with the feature enabled would yield more accurate localized information and analysis.

At this point, many agree that social media is better used by candidates to mobilize their communities rather than predict election outcomes. That may be the case for 2012, but 2016 will likely be a whole different ballgame in the exponentially growing and developing social arena. Read more here:



Partners Who Inspire Video Series:
Ron Rogers

In my responsibilities as brand leader for Finn Partners, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling around our network, reconnecting with old friends and getting to know new colleagues. Each day it seems I learn something surprising—something that makes me marvel about our team and how we’ve come together to build Finn Partners.

We wanted to find a way to bring these stories to life—to share our team’s motivations, talents and expertise with the world. Today we debut our new video series, Partners Who Inspire, in which we profile a Finn Partners team member who exemplifies the values that comprise our collective mission. We kick off the series with Ron Rogers.

It’s not a stretch to say that everyone who knows Ron or has worked with him at The Rogers Group, now part of the Finn Partners west coast operation, loves him. And it’s with good reason. Ron’s commitment to public relations and public affairs is matched by his passion for social responsibility and commitment to his home city of Los Angeles. Those who have had the good fortune to work with him have learned not only about the craft of public relations, they’ve also learned how to be good citizens. Ron might even call them cowboys.

We are especially pleased to feature Ron today as this weekend he will be honored by the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation at their annual gala benefit for his guidance and support. Please join the entire Finn Partners team in congratulating Ron on this outstanding achievement.



Apple Fans Rejoice… Or Do They?

Photo from

Hi everyone, I’m Howard Solomon, managing partner and head of our west coast operations.

Those of you who know me know that I am quite possibly the biggest Apple fanboy ever. There hasn’t been a major product introduction in which I haven’t been on line at 6 am. I quite literally have enough Apple products in my home to open a small retail store. Apple products are beyond a hobby for me—they’ve become a borderline obsession. And so with that as background, I wanted to offer my thoughts on the new iPad that was introduced a few short hours ago (you can see the Apple keynote presentation in full on Apple’s website.

For starters, I am sure it is going to be as cool as hell. Most Apple products are. The media is likely to report that it was a disappointing announcement but I very much disagree. Like most recent Apple introductions, most significantly the iPhone 4s, the biggest changes aren’t cosmetic but under the hood. Once folks get a chance to interact with the new iPad (which appears to be its official name!) I expect they will feel differently and recognize that it’s a big step up.

All that being said, maybe somewhat surprisingly, I will likely sit this one out. Sure, the new screen is going to be fantastic – no question about it. But an enhanced screen really appeals to folks who play games and watch movies, and I do neither. I use mine primarily to surf the Internet and read and maybe watch the occasional movie while travelling.

And what about 4g you say? I think it will be KILLER in the next iPhone (presuming they nail the battery) but it’s really a non-starter for me vis-à-vis iPad, considering that I use wifi 95% of the time.

Photo from

What I AM excited about is the new iPhoto app editor. I will definitely be buying that one today (update: already purchased). And likely the new Apple TV too (update: ditto Apple TV). But I digress.

So anyway, that’s where I stand. But of course, as always, I reserve the right to change my mind. Those who know me, including many of my Finn Partners colleagues, have stated with certainty that regardless of what I say now, I will be making this purchase. They very well might be right. I do not relish the thought of not being one of the first five in line and much like Joe DiMaggio, I do feel some pressure to keep my hitting streak intact….


Social Media Week in Review

Hi, I’m Brian Perry, a senior associate in our Washington, D.C. office, and it seems that more and more often I find myself saying, “We live in the future.”

This was a big week, a busy week and a groundbreaking week in some respects. Besides Facebook rolling out a few big announcements, there were a good number of other interesting gems that surfaced. Because sometimes it can be hard to realize exactly how revolutionary some social media announcements are, I’ve put in a bit of context to these announcements to show you that yes, we do live in the future.

Google’s Privacy Change

Google’s new privacy policy went into effect yesterday. People may be alarmed about the conglomeration of all their online information (around seventy privacy policies condensed into one), but hold on a second. This is a landmark assimilation of all of that personal data websites have been collecting on you and your search behaviors. The keywords you type into Google search can be used to better recommend YouTube videos to you. When you’re typing a name into a Google document, it can now suggest spelling based on the people you’ve interacted with on Gmail. The locations you type into Google maps will be remembered in search across Google products in case you need to pull it up later. Read more:

Why it’s from the Future: Yes, this is the Google of the future. It is taking every one of its products and making them all talk with one another to better tailor everything to you and your online behaviors. We got the Internet to talk with the internet.

Facebook Brand Timeline

Now all of those millions of brands on Facebook have to suck it up like the rest of us did and embrace the Facebook timeline. Despite the announcement being made a few days ago, some brands have already transitioned to the new Facebook timeline. Mashable has their new timeline design up and so does Coca-Cola, both beautiful representations of what the new layout can do for a brand. Besides the updated look and feel, there are a lot of other new features here. No left navigation tabs, historical company information, expanded width of tab pages, no default landing page, highlighted posts, options to “pin” posts to top of timeline and private message features, to name a few. It’s a lot of new stuff to take in, but brands have from now until March 30 to jump on board. After that they’ll be shoved on board, forced to use the timeline layout either way. So love it or hate it, the future of Facebook brand pages is here! Read more:

Why it’s from the Future: The timeline itself is not a futuristic idea at all. But wait a second, this is being heralded as the biggest change in online brand communications in the past few years. Rewind two years and just a little over half of the Fortune 100 companies (54%) had a Facebook page.

Planning Your Future Check-ins

Want to know what others will be doing in the future? There’s an app for that. It’s called Forecast and it’s like Foursquare, except for the future. Here’s how it works: You make “forecasts” of what you’re going to be doing and when, then this is broadcasted to all of your friends. It’s like an informal invite, or a rolling social calendar. Your friends can see what you’re doing and click a “me too” button to indicate they’ll be joining you for this future check-in. Read more here:

Why it’s from the Future: You can’t get more futuristic than using an app that allows you to tell people in the present what you’ll be doing in the future.

Facebook Ads Revamp

More ads in more places. That’s the one-liner on Facebook’s recently announced premium ad shakeup. Besides ads appearing on the right within Facebook, ads from pages you like will appear in the news feed, on mobile devices and on the log-out screen of Facebook (side note: who actually logs out of Facebook nowadays?). It’s Facebook’s way of giving advertisers more options. And now things like status updates, photos and videos posted by brand pages can easily be pushed out as advertisements. Read more:

Why it’s from the Future: Status updates are going to start counting as ads. It’s a new ad-age, where social fights with the sales pitches of yesteryear.

KLM’s In-flight Social Network

KLM has started testing an in-flight social media program, known as “Meet & Seat,” in three of their international routes. The program allows fliers to upload their Facebook or LinkedIn identities and select details from their profiles to share with KLM. This is then shown while members are selecting their seats so they can choose a seatmate that most closely fits with them. Parents can sit next to other parents forming a ring of parents and crying babies, business members can look for potential networking leads, or someone could find a new best friend. And the nice catch is you can only see other travelers’ information if you reveal your own. So stalkers, prepare to be stalked yourself. If KLM sees success in this program, they will start to expand it along all of their routes.

Why it’s from the Future: Airplane seats are getting profile pictures. Traveling has never felt so digital.

Know any other stories that prove we’re already in the future? Tweet us @FinnPartners.