The best way I can explain why I like agency life is it allows me to simultaneously toggle from left to right brain activities: Learn about a new technology so you can build a branding campaign that makes it easy for anyone to understand. Now create a lively van tour with "health edutainers" that is so fun a 4-year old and his parents are riveted long enough to each learn something. Coach a client on talking to the media about a complicated lawsuit. Find a new way to convince people to stop throwing trash on the ground. Run teams. Find talent. Maintain client budgets. And, along the way, make sure you are culturally sensitive, timely, relevant—and award winning.

The official terms for the above mentioned activities include: corporate branding and marketing/communications; new market development; issues/crisis management; public affairs and social marketing/public education—and, of course, account and agency management. But as my Mom likes to say: "Shelly does PR and whatever that is, she does a lot of it."

I've had the privilege of having a career in different parts of the country working with Fortune 500 companies, national and regional trade associations, state and local government agencies, and non-profit organizations. I sit on a couple of boards where I get to "do good"—but am amply enriched personally and professionally.

Interestingly, my clients have always liked knowing I have experience in other sectors. They understand that cross pollination keep the strategic and creative juices going—as well as the opportunity for smart partnerships fresh and evolving.

And given Finn Partners is all about the power of partnership in communications, I look forward to a bright future of continuing to help clients reach their goals with the help of my "Finn Partners" both inside and outside the agency.