When I get passionate about something, I really invest in it.

As a kid, it was basketball. I once broke my finger during practice, went to the hospital to get it set and splinted, and upon returning home, shoveled the snow from the driveway so that I could shoot more hoops. The pain didn't bother me nearly as much as the prospect of a missed free throw.

With music, I've always been the same way. I love music, and when I'm listening to a song, I listen to it loudly, to get the most out of it. But I do that not only because I enjoy it so much, but also because I want others to hear it and possibly gain from it what I gain from it.

More recently, I've become a runner. People ask my why I have to run marathons, and not just three or four miles at a time. My answer is that I'm not just running for the exercise. I want to see what my body can do if pushed to the limits.

And I've been known to say that moderates don't get anything done. It's the passionate people who are able to truly make a difference, whether it's Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison or the biblical King David.

So it was in 1991, while in college, that I realized PR was something I could become passionate about. And now, 23 years later, it's still that passion that drives me. For that reason, Finn Partners Israel will only work with a client about whom we can be passionate. And we won't work with others for their sake as well as ours. Because we can only do great work if we're passionate about it.

And we don't want to be just another PR firm.

I'm proud to be working with a team of passionate professionals who get jazzed by doing amazing things for great clients. And although I still love the feel of a basketball in my hands, it's the work of Finn Partners that I get passionate about these days.